The Good Old Days

As adults we have the opportunity to look back on the past and remember some of the best times in our lives.  It could be day trips to the beach, camping in the mountains, traveling far and near, or maybe even just hanging out in the back yard with family.


Why is the block party so important? 

For all of our kids - today, this summer, this year - these are their good old days.  


Decades from now, when they're grown, have families of their own, bills, mortgages, LIFE… they will look back on these block parties and they’ll remember THEIR good old days. They will remember how in the neighborhood they grew up in there were these really cool events. 




Come out, enjoy the day and have fun.  All the riggers of life will continue afterward. But, for this one-day take the time to enjoy what will become the future Good Old Days.

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