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The Good Old Days

As adults we have the opportunity to look back on the past and remember some of the best times in our lives.  It could be day trips to the beach, camping in the mountains, traveling far and near, or maybe even just hanging out in the back yard with family.


Why is the block party so important? 

For all of our kids - today, this summer, this year - these are their good old days.  


Decades from now, when they're grown, have families of their own, bills, mortgages, LIFE… they will look back on these block parties and they’ll remember THEIR good old days. They will remember how in the neighborhood they grew up in there were these really cool events. 




Come out, enjoy the day and have fun.  All the riggers of life will continue afterward. But, for this one-day take the time to enjoy what will become the future Good Old Days.

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FREE Bouncy Houses



Alamosa Place Resident Justin and his brother Dallas Spence are new entrepreneurs and less than a month ago became the proud owners of Space Walk of Wilmington  
 To get introduced to the community, Space Walk is SPONSORING the block party and providing a free super huge bouncy house for the kids!  Way to go guys!!!
Which one should they bring?  Leave your comment below!
Water or no water... what's your reaction?
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Horse Riding Camps

Empire Equestrian will be bring out a couple of their horses and providing FREE rides to the kids at the block Party.  THANK YOU! 

Mackenzie Ring and Empire Equestrian 
3630 Prince George Ave Castle Hayne, NC

Check out their Summer Camps for young riders!  They are supporting the Alamosa Place community...please support them back!

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Alamosa Drive will be legally closed between Sapling Circle and Bradfield Ct.  Residents living along Alamosa Drive in this area as well as Hydon Ct, Barnsley Ct., and Grayswood Ct. will have driving access to their homes during the event. All others can easily get to their destination via Bradfield Ct.



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Volunteers Needed

Hi everyone, we are getting closer and closer to the 2018 Alamosa Place Block Party.  We need help in making sure the day is AWESOME!  

PLEASE VOLUNTEER to help out.  Click on the volunteer button at the top to see some of the areas in which we need help and there is a spot for adding in your own ideas.  


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Horseback Riding!

Yes, you read correctly.  Thank you to Empire Equestrian who has volunteered to bring a couple very gentle and well trained horses to the block party and will be giving FREE rides to the kids!  

We (specifically my little girl) are "really, really, really, really, really, really..."  excited for this one.

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I scream. You scream. We all scream for...



PINK TRASH is sponsoring Granny Niece's Ice Cream Truck.  

When: 4:00-6:00 PM 

Where: Our block party of course!

What: FREE ICE CREAM - thanks to Pink Trash.


Keeping our neighborhood clean

In addition to the FREE ICE CREAM, Pink Trash will be dropping off and picking up extra trash cans to help Keep Alamosa Place clean.

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It's Party Time!

We are happy to announce that the Alamosa Place Block Party will be held again for 2018!


Saturday, June 2, 2018.  This is the Saturday before New Hanover School let out for the summer!

More info will come over the next few months.

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It's not a party unless the Sheriffs show up!



Luckily for us, they'll be joining us as guests and enjoying the community for a fun afternoon to hang with the kids. 




If the Fire Department is coming out with a really cool shinny truck, well then the Sheriffs gotta' bring it too!

Thanks to the Sheriffs Department for supporting this event!


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New Hanover County Fire Department



 This is awesome... NHC Fire Department will be sending a fire truck out to the block party so the kids can climb on and check out all the shinny stuff!  They will also be bringing out some cool fire safety items to give to the kids.



THANK YOU NHC Fire Department, we're looking forward to seeing you there!



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